Project story

A good project made out of the need to have a solid and nicely built Raspberry Pi Pico case, I created this case. The case uses materials such as metal, plexiglass and PLA. It is a case that prints really quickly and easily.

raspberry pi pico temple case bottom view

Tutorial, how to build this?

raspberry pi pico case bottom part

For the first time, we consider that all the necessary parts have been printed.

Necessary materials:
– Printed STL files
– 4 metal rods 5mm x 50mm high

– 8 screw M3X10
– Cut plexiglass walls
– Optional I2C display

Prepare the USB cable, you can add some double tape band, to stick this at the bottom of tha case.

raspberry pi pico power connector

Mounted Raspberry PI Pico W. On the USB you can use some little cable necklace to solid stick.

Now you can mount the interior panel, where are the little screen (I2C screen, 0.96”)

The front panel are three hole for generic led, are one hole for generic switch and one hole for the screen.

Front panel are mount in the bottom part of case.

I2C screen are stick with little bit of hot glue.

Mount the corner. The corner are stick with a screws.

Mounted corner.

The pivot are used in the corner. If are not have this, can print it!

Dimensions: 5mm x 50mm height

Mounted pivot in the corner.

Add some double tape on the door, for hard stick it.

Sticked little hinge.

Mounted walls and the door.

For the top corner, are need to glue the nut.

Mounted top corner.

The final mount.

Thanks for watching!

You can download the STL from the

Download link here.

You cand download here the SVG file for cutting walls.