Connect Raspberry Pi Pico W to Google Firebase using MicroPython

The best library to connect your little Raspberry Pi Pico W to Google Firebase using MircoPython is found here.

  1. Connect Raspberry Pi Pico W to Wireless

Make a new file called and paste this code:

secrets = {
'ssid': 'Wifi-name', #Our wifi SSID
'pw': 'password', #Our wifi PASSWORD
'database': '' #Our Google Firebase URL adress database

In paste this code:


import os as MOD_OS
import rp2
import network

# Set country to avoid possible errors‘RO’)

wlan = network.WLAN(network.STA_IF)

ssid = secrets[‘ssid’]
pw = secrets[‘pw’]
database = secrets[‘database’]

wlan.connect(ssid, pw)



Raspberry PI Pico W – 2022

New Raspberry PI Pico W, introduced a chipset with Wireless. It uses a small amount of current, which gives the user a lot of freedom when it comes to powering the device from different sources, such as a single lithium-ion battery or three AA batteries connected in series. With a 2.4GHz wireless interface, the Raspberry Pi Pico W has been created to be an affordable yet versatile development platform for the RP2040.

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